Merab Dvalishvilli vs Sean O’ Malley

Merab Dvalishvilli last night had his best performance against Gustavo Lopez. Broke his record for takedowns last night. Post fight with Paul Felder asked for Sean O’ Malley.

“Like I said, I have big respect [for] him, man. Of course, his last performance was great. He is a great fighter. Everybody knows about it. But, I believe myself. I’m a nice guy, I’m not talking sh*t. But I know what I can do. Like I said before, a long time ago, he can keep smoking, I will keep training. We’ll see. That’s how I believe. I stay healthy, eating, drinking healthy, and he is smoking. Keep smoking, brother! Keep smoking. One day, we’re gonna meet in the Octagon. Then we’ll see. [The] strong guy will win.”

Dvalishvilli vs Sean O ‘ Malley is a interesting fight to watch on paper. Merab Dvalishvilli is a pitbull as we seen last night. Merab has some heavy hands, Hits like a truck and will be the toughest challenge to Sean O’ Malley.

Watch and see Sean O ‘ Malley face a pitbull for three rounds. Sean O ‘ Malley can see where he’s at defensively and fighters IQ wise. Competing with Merab’s cardio who claimed he wasn’t even tired after three rounds.

Merab will be the underdog against Sean O’ Malley but if Merab Dvalishvilli wins the fight against Sean O ‘ Malley that will do wonders for his career moving forward.

Definitely has the talent to shock the world, Give Sean O ‘ Malley his first loss.

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