Garbrandt Calls out Dillashaw Is That the Fight to Make?

Cody Garbrandt is back!! Looking better than ever knockout of the year against Raphael Assuncao in the co-main event UFC 250. Congratulations to him as he was on a three fight losing streak but now can start his journey back to the UFC Bantamweight Title.

I’m here to take the throne again. Whoever that is when my time comes for another title shot, I’ll be ready. I’m going to capitalize on it. I’m going to hold onto this title until it’s time to walk away from this sport.”

Next fight… TJ Dillashaw?

In the post fight press conference talked about TJ Dillashaw cheating with EPO in the two title fights. Calling TJ Dillashaw out, Wants that fight as TJ Dillashaw returns in January.

Cody’s title fights with Dillashaw bought down on the mouthpiece, Went too war with his emotions but now mentally different. Cross training with striking coach genius Mark Henry and Ricardo Almeida helped him tremendously.

See a different Cody Garbrandt in the third fight against TJ Dillashaw. Third fight will be something to watch from the build up to the fight itself. Man what a fight this would be.

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