ARES FC vs KSW or Rizin Cross Promotion 2021 ?

Ares FC is an Afro-Europe MMA League that was started in 2019. Ares FC looking to become the next major MMA promotion, Signed Juan Adams, Wilson Reis, Chris Curtis, Will Brooks, Nordine Taleb, Taylor Lapilus, Danilo Belluardo, Josh Parisan.

Fernand Lopez, Sporting director of ARES FC and coach for Francis Ngannou is taking advantage of the free agent market. Building attention right away for the startup mma promotion.

“We’re going to try and build our own exclusive roster, we have the money to sign anyone. In a few months, we’ll be bigger than Bellator and ONE Championship”, the MMA Factory’s head coach said.

Becoming bigger than Bellator and One Championship is bodacious goals but steps to take to be better than Bellator and One Championship is following in Bellator footsteps…

2021 Fernand Lopez talked about having eight events. Two of those eight events is doing a cross promotion with KSW and Rizin. With the signings and the future ARES FC prospects they can compete against the title fighters from KSW/ Rizin.

ARES FC vs Rizin on UFC Fight Pass. ARES FC vs KSW on DAZN.

Juan Adams fighting Phil De Fries(KSW Heavyweight Champion)

Wilson Reis vs Kyoji Horiguchi

Will Brooks vs Tofiq Musaev(Rizin Lightweight)

Taylor Lapilus vs Kai Asakura(Former Rizin Bantamweight Champ)

ARES FC following the trend of cross promotions is a business idea Fernand Lopez should consider. Building the brand of ARES FC globally, Showcasing the prospects and future ARES FC rising stars.

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