European MMA prospects to watch 2020

Several European prospects who have potential to become UFC & Bellator champions and challengers from promotions such as Cage Warriors, KSW, BAMMA, GMC(German MMA Promotion). Since Covid-19 happened these regional promotions have postponed events until everything opens up.

Sucks for the fighters who have dreams to fight for UFC, Bellator, One Championship, Professional Fighters League but once everything opens up this summer hopefully will see European promotions open up, Watch future UFC, Bellator and One Championship champions.

European prospects who will become champions for UFC, Bellator and One Championship are…

Salahdine Parnasse

#1 choice for European Prospect to watch is interim KSW Featherweight Champion Salahdine Parnasse. 14-0 record at 22 years old, WIN over Ivan Buchinger well known for fighting Conor McGregor. Buchinger was a M1-Featherweight Champion and Cage Warriors Lightweight Champion.

Parnasse is born and raised in France, Showing the French Government that MMA better be legalized. Parnasse can place France MMA on the map as soccer players transfer over to MMA fighters.

Salahdine Parnasse is an All-Around talent. Love to see Parnasse sign with the UFC and fight in the Featherweight Division. Becoming the AJ McKee of the UFC. Be a sin if Parnasse doesn’t get signed by the UFC.

Mason Jones

Cage Warriors Lightweight Champion Mason Jones is 9-0 at 25 years old. Wins over Donovan Desmae, Aleksi Mäntykivi.( Finland Lightweight Prospect)

Mason Jones needs to defend his Cage Warriors Lightweight title once against a top Cage Warriors Lightweight in impressive fashion to get signed by UFC or Bellator.

UFC will be lucky to have Mason Jones in the UFC Lightweight Division.

Rhys McKee

Rhys McKee fights for Cage Warriors in the Welterweight Division. In 2020 once Cage Warriors starts up will see McKee become the Cage Warriors Welterweight Champion.

Former BAMMA Welterweight Champion, 10-2-1 record at 25 years old is from Northern Ireland. At the moment has a three fight winning streak, Against fighters that have winning records.

Nickname is the Skeleton because he skinny but he’s a tough S.O.B. Similar to Rory MacDonald might think I’m crazy.

His fights are always exciting ending in the 1st round by knock out or submission.

Rustam Kerimov

Rustam Kerimov 14-0 record at 28 years old, #1 Russian Bantamweight Prospect. ACA Bantamweight Champion, Defeating Fighters with winning records such as Takeya Mizugaki,Oleg Borisov and Francisco Maciel.

Kerimov of course is from Dagestan, Definitely something in the water over there in Dagestan. Breeding all these great prospects.

Part of the Dagestan MMA tradition is to be a world class grappler, Kerimov continues that tradition.

UFC, Bellator or One Championship would all be perfect fits for Rustam Kerimov.

Laszlo Senyei

Laszlo Senyei former Final Fight Welterweight Champion #1 Prospect from Hungary is 9-0. Laszlo moved up to Middleweight now. Laszlo now fights for Cage Fighting Slovakia at the moment but will see how he ends up in 2020.

Might for KSW, Cage Warriors or BAMMA. Laszlo is a sleeper European prospect but fighting for a top European Promotion will get him more recognition.

Saba Bolaghi

Saba Bolaghi 31 years old is the top German Featherweight Prospect, GMC Featherweight Champion.

Saba Bolaghi comes from a wrestling background.

  1. German youth champion 2004
  2. 3rd place in Junior world championships 2009
  3. bronze medal in senior European championships 2011
  4. 1. Bundesliga wrestler since 2008

Saba Bolaghi 31 years old chances of him fighting for the UFC is slim to none but fighting for Bellator or One Championship is most likely. Showing the world his wrestling talents, Unknown prospect from Germany who can defeat veteran Featherweights from Bellator or One Championship.

Bernardo Sopai

Born and raised in Albani, Bernardo Sopai is 19 years old, 7-1 record. On is ranked as the #1 Greece Bantamweight and in the Balkans is the #8th Bantamweight.

At 19 years old with a 7-1 record is definitely a fighter to keep an eye on in 2020. If I was his manager Bernardo should fight for ACA, M1 Global, Cage Warriors, GMC just build his profile bigger. Fighting tougher opponents.

No way he’ll be a UFC or Bellator fighter anytime soon but in the next couple years we can Bernardo Sopai being discussed as a top European Prospect on MMAFighting, MMAJunkie, Cage Side Press.

Khusein Askhabov

Khusein Askhabov is 20-0 at 25 years old. WWFC Bantamweight Champion with wins over Brazilians, German Prospect Donovan Desmae. Trains at MMA Powerhouse Gym Tiger Muay Thai.

Khusein is BOUND to sign with the UFC. No way he won’t be signed by the UFC, Having a 20-0 record.

All- Around talent with his fights are wins by finishes, Rarely by decision.

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