What’s Next for Billy Quarantillo

Billy Quarantillo won his fight against Spike Carlyle, Showing off his Jiu-Jitsu in the late second and third round. Billy because of his cardio won the fight. He stayed composed. Show’s he has what it takes to become a UFC Lightweight contender.

What’s next for Billy Quarantillo?

Absolute gentleman, Not into calling out fighters post fight just interested in fighting in a crowd instead of no fans. Maybe in September or October we can see Quarantillo back into the Octagon again.

Joe Solecki vs Billy Quarantillo both fighters born and raised in the Northeast is a fight that can happen. Billy Quarantillo vs Joel Alvarez( AFC former Lightweight Champion. Joel Alvarez was a Lightweight prospect from Spain, Before being 1-1 with UFC.

Billy Quarantillo needs a top 50-70 UFC Lightweight that has experience and can give Quarantillo a challenge.

Looking forward to Billy Quarantillo next fight this September. Continuing his undefeated streak in the UFC to 3-0. Even at 31 years old still can be a UFC Lightweight Prospect.

2020 for Billy Quarantillo will be an significant year.

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