Kyle Daukaus UFC Short Notice Fight can Happen

Kyle Daukaus CFFC Middleweight Champion, Number one Middleweight prospect in the United States fought on the Dana White Contender Series. Won his fight but didn’t get the UFC contract.

However Kyle Daukaus might get a UFC offer soon because of the soon to be shortage of UFC fighters. Kyle with no hesitation will accept the offer because he’s living humbly at the moment with no CFFC being scheduled.

“I hear about how bad it is at her work,” Daukaus said. “But for me, it’s very tough not having any income. I know that fighting as a profession is a struggle in the beginning, and I’m fine with struggling like that. But I’m not even guaranteed monthly payments from the gym right now. I’m doing as best as I can to spend as minimal an amount as possible.”

“I don’t have a Plan B,” Daukaus said. “If the opportunity comes and I get a call, I’m going to take it.”

Kyle Daukaus belongs in the UFC and during this difficult time were all living there may be some light for Kyle Daukaus who can get the call from Mick Maynard or Sean Shelby about fighting short notice.

Be a life changing moment for him as his family, friends, Fans from his hometown, Hardcore MMA fans like myself will be watching his UFC debut.

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