Ricky Simon vs John Dodson ? UFC Summer

Ricky Simon lost to Urijah Faber in the first round. Mentally defeated but came back with no mullet against Ray Borg, Former UFC Flyweight Title Challenger. Looks gradually everything is coming together for the 27 year old Bantamweight.

“I definitely appreciate this win because Ray fought Demetrious Johnson for a world title,” said Simon. “And I’m not one of those guys who just wants to coast and get easy fights. All my fights have been tough fights and I’m constantly improving and I’m definitely sitting back and appreciating it, but this morning (last Friday), the first thing I did when I woke up was go on a four-mile run and I’m trying to figure out when I can get back to the gym.”


The hungry Ricky Simon training already after a three round fight definitely excited for his next fight in 2020, The right fight for him is John Dodson. Another UFC Flyweight Title Challenger he can face and defeat to move up the Bantamweight Rankings.

I belong at the top of the division. I’m 16-3 now. I have the experience, and he’s an ex-title challenger. That means a lot, too. I have the experience and I just proved that I have the talent, as well. … I just have something in me.


Ricky Simon believes he’s a top 15 Bantamweight, Fight against #13 John Dodson can place him as a top 15 Bantamweight.

Ricky Simon signed a 4 fight deal pre Ray Borg, In these four fights we can see Ricky Simon finish the deal being a Bantamweight contender, But a win over Dodson will help guide him to his dream!!

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