Corey Anderson VS Thiago Santos ?July Fight Night

Corey Anderson had a tough loss to Jan Blachowicz. Fight that I believed Corey was going to win, Setting up a fight with Jon Jones. However that won’t happen but will happen is Corey Anderson looking better than ever against Thiago Santos.

UFC Rankings has Corey Anderson #4 Light Heavyweight. Thiago Santos making a return after tearing his ACL during his fight with Jon Jones. Impressively Fighting Jon Jones with one leg. Gained new fans even tho he lost. Gained my respect.

Thiago Santos is ranked #2 UFC Light Heavyweight. Thiago Santos vs Corey Anderson makes perfect sense. Thiago can return Fighting Corey Anderson. Still the dark horse of the UFC Light Heavyweight Division.

A great coach once told me “you have 5 minutes to sulk and then it’s on to the next one!” We live and we learn. Back to the drawing board. I appreciate each and every fan and hater! A lose has never stopped me and it ain’t stopping me now. See yall at the top! #ufc

Corey Anderson Fighting Thiago Santos, Former title challenge can set up a Light Heavyweight title fight next with a significant win. Winning in dominant fashion by showing his wrestling or new skills.

Guarantee even tho there’s a virus Corey is training like a savage, Hungry to return and challenge for the title.

“I don’t put a name to the title, I just want the belt,” Anderson said. “That’s it. I don’t see a face. I prepare every day just to be the best. I don’t prepare to beat Jon, I don’t prepare to beat Dominick Reyes. I prepare to be the best so I can hold the belt and say I’m the best. So whoever they throw at me at any time, I’m prepared and ready to go.”

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