Leon Edwards vs Wonderboy Thompson UFC July ?

Leon Edwards getting screwed in all of this. Woodley takes the fight with Gilbert Burns, Masvidal and Usman not happening now. Masvidal might fight Conor or Colby. Leon Edwards is stuck, Pretty much not fair for him and needs a fight!!

Next fight for Leon Edwards can be against Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson. Wonderboy challenged Woodley for the UFC Welterweight Title, They were tough fights and Wonderboy is always a challenge.

Speaking to BT Sport, White said that Edwards will next fight on Fight Island and his next opponent will be someone ranked highly at 170lbs, though White isn’t sure who that will be just yet.


“(The) only reason I wanted to fight Woodley was because he was a former world champion and the Usman fight was taken away from me because of Masvidal, so anyone above me is the only option right now.”


Even though Wonderboy isn’t a top five Welterweight he’s still a great fighter who will beat most Welterweights. Looked great against Vicente Luque.

Rocky Edwards defeats Wonderboy. He’ll become a more popular fighter that casual fans will gain interest in, Looking forward to his upcoming fight in 2020.

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