Ricardo Ramos 2020 Rises in the Featherweight Division

Dana White Looking for a fight series had fighters like Sage Northcutt, Mickey Gall, Matthew Lopez and best fighter out all of them Ricardo Ramos. Ricardo Ramos since signing with UFC has a 5-1 record wins.

Rewarded performance of the night bonus twice. The 24 year old moved up to Featherweight and that’s where he should stay!! Rear naked choked his opponent in the first round.

Ricardo Ramos at Featherweight looked better than ever, Now can rise through the ranks of the UFC Featherweight Division.

Ricardo Ramos Featherweight 2020

Ricardo Ramos staying at Featherweight will be a problem. Trains at Team Alpha Male with Urijah Faber. UFC is up and running thanks to Dana White.

Ramos in 2020 can have two more fights, Rising through the Featherweight rankings and being a top 20 Featherweight.

Fight options I have in mind for him is fights against Sheymon Moraes, Charles Rosa, Alex Caceres, Doo Ho Choi and Chris Fishgold.

Defeating former Cage Warriors Lightweight champion Chris Fishgold in amazing fashion will help out Ricardo Ramos.

Wins over Rosa and Doo Ho Choi will edge Ricardo Ramos as a top 20 Featherweight. Doo Ho Choi is an absolute savage, Remember watching his fight with Cub Swanson and was impressed. Win over Doo Ho Choi will make Ricardo Ramos noticed by UFC fans, Sean Shelby and Mick Maynard.

Impressive performances by Ricardo Ramos he’ll be a Featherweight to watch in the future and be a Featherweight title contender in 2021 or 2022.

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