Future Titan FC Lightweight Champion

Titan FC is the premier Florida/ Southeast Promotion. Titan FC 59 watched a future Titan FC Lightweight Champion named Max Rohskopf. 5-0 record former North Carolina State Wrestler. Max Rohskopf is a fighter to keep your eye on.

Max Rohskopf is a Xtreme Couture prospect with Dan Ige, Brad Tavares, Punahelo Soriano at the moment.

All of Max wins are by submission being a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Winning each of his fights in the first round.

Max from training at Xtreme Couture and Zenith(Robert Drysdale Runs and coaches), Becoming a former NC State Wrestler he can become the Titan FC Lightweight Champion. Spotlight on him fighting for one of the best regional promotions in the world.

“It’s bout (expletive) time – I’ve been working too hard for too long,” Rohskopf said. “(I’ve had) a lot of setbacks and stuff like that, so to me it’s just about time. The expectations are there and I want to shatter those, so I’m always shooting for the stars and if I don’t reach it, it’s fine. It puts a little more pressure (on me), but the good pressure that gets me excited.”


“Over the past two years, I’ve really developed myself as an athlete. Now, if I watch something, I can break something down really easily. My fight I.Q. is higher than probably anyone that’s ever been 4-0 in their career. It’s weird with all the hype now, because I never had that. I like it. I like the attention. I like talking. It’s going to be fun, and I’ve always done a little bit better under pressure. …


In 2020 Max Rohskopf becoming a Titan FC Lightweight Champion, Dana White watching the Titan FC Main Event on UFC Fight Pass he’ll be offered a fight on the Dana White Contender Series.

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