Fighters Bellator Should Sign in 2020

Bellator heading towards the right direction with Scott Coker. Signing free agents and top prospects. Pumped up for the Bellator future. Bellator can never have enough prospects and free agents to compete with UFC and One Championship. What fighters should Bellator sign in 2020?

Roberto Soldic

Obvious #1 choice with no hesitation is Roberto Soldic. #1 Welterweight Prospect in Europe. KSW Welterweight Champion. 17-3 record at 25 years old. Wins over Driscus Du Plessis, Vinicius Bohrer. Being a KSW Welterweight Champion is quite the accomplishment.

Time to accomplish more than just being a KSW Welterweight Champion. Fight for Bellator in a long term fight deal. Fighting for the Bellator Welterweight Title.

Imagine Soldic fighting for Bellator.

Albert Tumenov

Former UFC Welterweight released would sign with ACA/ACB and become the welterweight champion. Tumenov is in his prime at 28 years old. Bellator loves signing Eastern Europe fighter, Albert Tumenov fighting in the Bellator Welterweight Division.

Incredible fights with Lima, Koreshkov, Yaroslav Amosov. Sign him SCOTT COKER.

Salahdine Parnasse

Salahdine Parnasse #1 European Featherweight Prospect. Parnasse is only 22 years old. 14-0 record. Most impressive win of his career was his last against Ivan Buchinger. He dominated Buchinger every round. Masterful performance for him.

Parnasse is from France and France in Legalizing MMA in France. Instead of UFC signing Salahdine

Igeu Kabesa

EFC Featherweight Champion. Accomplished wrestler from Africa. 12-1 record at 26 years old. Dominating his opponents at Extreme Fighting Championship. UFC is signing fighters from Africa and it’s time for Bellator to et into the sweepstakes as well.

Kabesa fighting guys like Patricio Pitbull, AJ Mckee, Darrion Caldwell.

Brett Martin

Bellator Heavyweight Division is older with Roy Nelson, Fedor, Ryan Bader and many more aged Heavyweights. Brett Martin is the LFA Heavyweight Champion. 26 years old. Fighting the older Heavyweights, Building his name.

Johnny Munoz Jr

King of the Cage had Patchy Mix and Juan Archuleta sign with Bellator. Next KOTC fighter to sign with Bellator is Johnny Munoz Jr. 10-0 record at 27 years old. KOTC Bantamweight Champion.

Khusein Askhabov

Khusein Askhabov 25 years old, Impressive undefeated record of 20-0. Tiger Muay Thai prospect. WWFC Bantamweight Champion. Wins over Luis Filho, Donovan Desmae. Khusein time to fight for a major promotion and fighting for Bellator in the rising Bantamweight division.

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