Andres Quintana 2020 season UFC, Bellator?

Andres Quintana Combate Americas former Featherweight Champion lost his fight to Bruno Cannetti but Andres Quintana is the number one Featherweight prospect in the United States at 28 years old.

18-3 record former Combate Americas Featherweight Champion at 28 years old. Calling for Andres Quintana to fight in the UFC and become a Featherweight title contender. Sign with Bellator and become a Featherweight champion faster.

Quintana & Combate Americas

Thanks to the lovely coronavirus postponing sports, Dana White is starting it off with finishing three UFC events and now other sports can follow the trail.

Campbell McLaren founder and promoter of Combate Americas hopefully starts events in the summer of 2020.

Summer of 2020 Andres Quintana can revenge his loss to Bruno Cannetti and win back the Combate Americas Featherweight Champion.

Second fight in 2020 be against a top featherweight in Latin America, Defending his Combate Americas title.

Maybe Andres Quintana Combate Americas contract expires and now the #1 free agent on the market.

UFC or Bellator

Quintana contract expires in 2020 sign with UFC. Discussed as one of the best UFC prospect signings as MMA hardcore fans will be excited for Andres Quintana UFC debut.

Sign with Bellator, Scott Coker will match him up against Bellator veterans who have a name. Build up the name of Andres Quintana to the general public.

Got yourself a future UFC/Bellator Featherweight champion in the prime of his career at 28 years old.

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