Yaroslav Amosov Next Fight Larkin or Koreshkov

Yaroslav Amosov defeated Ed Ruth, Out Grappled the Penn- State All American with a impressive undefeated record of 23-0. Winning streak wins over David Rickels, Gerald Harris, Roberto Soldic back at Tech-Prep FC.

What’s next for him as he continues his run for the Bellator Welterweight Title?

Andrey Koreshkov

Andrey Koreshkov easily one of the best Welterweights not fighting for the UFC, Wins over Lima and Benson Henderson in his Bellator career. Andrey is a top 5 Bellator Welterweight, Always able to contend for a Bellator Welterweight Title.

Koreshkov a better striker than Amosov while Amosov has the more impressive grappling, wrestling.

Lorenz Larkin

Former UFC Top Ten Welterweight made a jump to Bellator and now has a 4-2 Bellator record. Larkin is a top 5 Bellator Welterweight, Close to challenging for the title.

Larkin is an all around fighter and up to this point will be the toughest fight. Larkin vs Amosov will be a great fight to watch. Interesting fight to put Yaroslav Amosov on the map.

Title Shot with Either Win

Lorenz Larkin or Andrey Koreshkov win over them will reward Yaroslav Amosov a title shot. Fighting the #1 Welterweight not in the UFC.. Douglas Lima.

Looking forward to his next fight, Force to be reckoned with in the Bellator Welterweight Division.

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