ACA Featherweight Felipe Froes Rizin or One Championship?

Felipe Froes ACA Featherweight Champion, 28 years old 19-4 record with a three fight winning streak. Trains at Brazil Powerhouse MMA Gym Nova Uniao well known for Jose Aldo and Junior Dos Santos.

Felipe Froes is one of the best Featherweights not in the UFC, Being a Featherweight Champion for ACA is impressive as ACA is one of the best MMA promotions in the world.

ACA is a top ten promotion but One Championship and Rizin are two of the best promotion in the world. More popularity.

Me personality love to see Felipe Froes fight for One Championship and continue fighting in the One Championship Featherweight Division.

One Championship Featherweight Division needs some new life and Felipe Froes will definitely help in that apartment.

Defeating top Russian. Eastern Europe Featherweights and now can fight One Championship Featherweights. Rising up the One Championship Featherweight Rankings and facing Martin Nguyen for the title.

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