Bryce Mitchell vs Kron Gracie UFC Fall of 2020

“Thug Nasty” Bryce Mitchell is a incredible grappler. Watched the fight in amazement watching his jiu-jitsu. Eddie Bravo did a fabulous job teaching Bryce Mitchell.

The Featherweight Division has a problem with Thug Nasty but he has a 4-5 fights before he contends for a title.

Journey to the Featherweight title can be against Kron Garcie. Obviously the Gracie name is famous to MMA fans as Kron Gracie looking to make the Gracie Family proud and represent the future of Jiu-Jitsu.

Kron is a high level grappler. Kron Gracie vs Bryce Mitchell sign me up. If you love watching high level grappling, Submission attempts definitely watch Kron Gracie vs Bryce Mitchell.

Last fought Cub Swanson which was a fight of the night. Kron fought Cub in October and he definitely needs a fight or people are gonna forget about him.

Kron Gracie vs Bryce Mitchell be a featuring prelim fight on ESPN PPV, Main Card fight for ESPN +. Definitely a fight you can build up because of the Gracie name, Bryce Mitchell is absolutely hysterical, The fans love him.

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