Rizin & Peru Bantamweight Prospect

Latin America is a hub for MMA talent, Born and raised UFC, Bellator, One Championship fighters. Daniel Marcos Peru #1 Bantamweight Prospect at 27 years Old with a 12-0 record.

Marcos is the 300 Sparta Bantamweight Champion. 300 Sparta is the #1 Peru MMA Promotion.

Daniel Marcos

  1. 27 years old
  2. 12- 0
  3. Bantaweight
  4. 300 Sparta Bantamweight Champion
  5. 5 KO’s

One of Rizin’s weight classes they’re focusing on is the Rizin Bantamweight Division. Kyoji Horiguchi, Kai Asakura, Victor Henry, Justin Scoggins.

Daniel Marcos be the perfect addition to the Rizin Bantamweight Division. Competing in the Rizin 2020 Bantamweight Tournament.

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