One Future Featherweight Champion

Martin Nguyen is the current One Championship Featherweight Champion but there’s a fighter named Koyomi Matsushima who will take Martin’s Featherweight throne!!

Koyomi Matsushima

  1. 27 years old
  2. 12-4 record
  3. Pancrase Featherweight challenger

Koyomi Matsushima lost to Martin Nguyen, Challenging Nguyen for the One Championship Featherweight Title. However Koyomi looking to challenge Nguyen again and defeat him, Becoming the One Championship Featherweight Champion.

“I think I’m better than before. I want everyone to expect an even better me next time. Of course, I’ll keep assessing my striking, but I want my mixed martial arts to be even more efficient,” he said.

“Of course, the goal is to win that belt, because the person who holds the belt is the strongest,” he stated. “I want to win the belt no matter what. The time has come.”

Koyomi needs one more fight to challenge for the Featherweight Title again. Next fight can be against Edward Kelly, Thanh Lee or Gary Tonon.

Win over those three fighters he should fight Martin Nguyen in 2020 or 2021. Showing the One Championship fans his best performance yet!!

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