Future of MMA Muhammed Mokaev UFC/Bellator Bantamweight Champion

Muhammed Mokaev is the IMMAF Bantamweight Champion!! Incredible Amateur record of 23-0, Winning Amateur MMA Championships as the #1 Amateur MMA prospect from all over the world.

Undefeated record in MMA of 23-0 is extremely rare that’s why Khabib’s undefeated record is incredible and guess what Mokaev was born in Dagestan but trains in Liverpool!! Trains at Aspire Combat Sports Academy.

“What makes him so dangerous is his attitude and mentality.”To be 21-0 and have amassed an undefeated record on at those tournaments, fighting four times in four days, just shows how tough he is.


Muhammed is 19 years old, Accomplished everything possible as an Amateur and now it’s time to become a Pro MMA fighter. Signing with Cage Warriors, KSW, ACA before signing with UFC or Bellator.

Signing with a feeder league promotion like Cage Warriors will only help build Muhammed Mokaev’s profile moving forward. Mokaev matching up against 4-0, 5-2 Bantamweight Prospects in Europe. Fighting on UFC Fight Pass in front of MMA fans who love MMA but weren’t familiar with Mokaev.

Couple years with Cage Warriors, Winning the Cage Warriors Bantamweight Title and defending his title once will see Mokaev sign with UFC or Bellator. Being one of the biggest MMA prospect sweepstakes of all time!

Mokaev with his talents is bound to be a UFC or Bellator Bantamweight Champion. Looking forward to his journey to the UFC or Bellator.

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