Leon Edwards Next Fight should be against Masvidal but won’t happen

Leon Edwards the dark horse of the UFC Welterweight Division is CLOSE to a title shot. Leon Edwards vs Woodley is cancelled, Thanks to the coronavirus. Woodley is now fighting Gilbert Burns.

Standing in the middle wondering who the hell he’s going to fight.

“So the only way I’ll fight again is either (a) title shot or the No. 1 contender spot. There’s no point of me going backwards and fighting someone in the Top 10, because it’ll defeat the point of me getting to this position.


Dana White says he has other options for Jorge Masvidal, Some reason he might match Masvidal vs Edwards.

Masvidal has beef with Leon Edwards for punching Edwards backstage. They’re beef is unfinished. Easily can promote this fight during the summer with showing the backstage two second fight. Back and forth trash talk.

However for Jorge Masvidal fighting Leon Edwards with the hot streak he’s on it makes no sense. Masvidal will probably fight Conor or Nate Diaz.

Leon Edwards will still be stuck in the middle, Playing with his thumbs.

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