Next One Championship Welterweight Champion

Kiamrian Abbasov is the One Championship Welterweight Champion but there’s a former LFA Welterweight Champion James Nakashima who will defeat Aung La Nsang.

3-0 with One Championship defeated Yushin Okami, Next fight should be against Kiamrian Abbasov.

“Most likely the next opponent will be James Nakashima, although I don’t care who is the next,” Abbasov said. “I will hold the title until my career ends.”

Kiamrian Abbasov believes he’ll beat James Nakashima but I believe Nakashima will defeat Abbasov!!

“Learning from one of the greatest kickboxers of all time, I believed everything he was saying and I’ve committed 100 percent to everything he was showing me and everything he was saying,” he said of working with Petroysan. “Now, believing in him has made me believe in myself more and it has made my stand-up game a lot stronger.

When speaking about the influence of The MMA Lab, Nakashima said “It’s given me every tool to be successful in this game and I’m just so grateful”. In addition to head coach John Crouch, Nakashima gets to regularly work with elite fighters. Names like Henry Corrales and Benson Henderson are but some of the many fighters regularly working at the perpetually growing gym.

Nakashima will win the One Championship Welterweight Title because of his world class gym and training partners. Being a world class wrestler will be too much for Kiamrian.

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