Anatomy of a Fighter Wishlist

Anatomy of a Fighter creates the best MMA Content in the world. Storytelling content learning about the fighter outside of the cage instead of the fight itself.

Will Harris is an important man in the MMA world and looking for the upcoming content in the years to come. Some fighters wish Will Harris follows for a week.

Aung La Nsang

One Championship Light Heavyweight Champion and Middleweight Champion is a god in his home of Myanmar/Burma. Beloved by his people for winning titles and defeating the best Fighters from Asia.

Defeating Brandon Vera, In the biggest fight in One Championship History.

Anatomy of a Fighter Aung La Nsang can be a two hour documentary.

Love to watch content of Aung La Nsang spending time with Myanmar, The Manny Pacquiao of Myanmar. Training at Hard Knocks 365. I know Will Harris has a vision on Anatomy of a Fighter for Aung La Nsang.

Douglas Lima

Douglas Lima Top 5 Welterweight in the world, Bellator Welterweight Champion by defeating Rory MacDonald and is challenging Gegard Mousasi. Lima acquired 1 million dollars from the Bellator Welterweight Grand Prix. Wonder what Lima did what the money, How Lima is as a fighter.

Douglas Lima Anatomy of a Fighter will be very interesting.

Roberto Soldic

KSW Welterweight Champion is one of the top welterweights in the world. Soldic one day will fight for the UFC. Be interesting to see Will Harris document Roberto Soldic life in Croatia, Is Soldic a star in Croatia and Poland.

What’s his personality like. Who he is as a person.

Kyoji Horiguchi

Kyoji Horiguchi life changed forever since signing with Rizin. Kyoji Horiguchi TOP 5 Bantamweight in the world. I could only imagine how Kyoji is treated in Japan!!

Way Rizin is treated by the Rizin Executives. Showing the life of Kyoji Horiguchi.

Bibiano Fernandes

Shame to know that Bibiano Fernandes never signed with the UFC. Bibiano the One Championship Bantamweight Champion. Eight title defenses, Trains with Demetrious Johnson.

Love to see his life story, Do a documentary based on the life of Bibiano Fernandes. Winning the Dream Bantamweight Title and Dream Featherweight Title. Bibiano signing with One Championship than becoming one of the best fighters in the world.

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