Roberto Soldic vs Nordine Taleb

Roberto Soldic #1 Welterweight Prospect in the World. If your a hardcore fan like myself you know who he is already. Soldic be known to regular fans, Increased interest by UFC or Bellator needs tougher fights. Nordine Taleb can be one of those options.

Nordine Taleb ex UFC Fighter had a 11-3 record with the UFC but sadly parted ways with the UFC and signed with ARES FC( MMA Promotion in Africa).

Since Taleb isn’t fighting for UFC anymore, I’m sure ARES FC Promoter and executives will allow Talel to travel to Europe and fight Top Europe Welterweights.

ARES FC partners up with KSW that be great for exposure.

Soldic vs Nordine Taleb for the KSW Welterweight Title. Incredible test for Roberto Soldic!!

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