John Lineker vs Adriano Moraes One Championship

John Lineker shockingly released from the UFC and One Championship quickly signed him. Lineker 1-0 with One Championship defeating Muin Gafurov. Lineker fighting in the Bantamweight Division chasing Bibiano Fernandes for the title.

During his journey to the title can fight Adriano Moraes, Moraes moving up to the One Championship Bantamweight Division.

John Lineker vs Adriano Moraes would be hell of a fight that can headline a One Championship Main Event.

One Championship signed Lineker for a reason, Creating spectacle fights with him.

Lineker one of the best Bantamweights in the world against one of the best Flyweights in the world if Adriano Moraes wants to move up one weight class.

One of the biggest Bantamweight Fights in 2020.

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