IF I was the Rizin Promoter

Rizin is one of the top TEN MMA promotions in the world started by Nobuyuki Sakakibara. Nobuyuki doing a great job promoting Rizin by having cross promotions with Bellator.

Nobuyuki creating great events with Kyoji Horiguchi, Jiri Prochazka, Tenshin Nasukawa as the headliner. Rizin has potential to be a TOP 5 Promotion by defeating the Professional Fighters League as the #4 Promotion.

If I was Nobuyuki Sakakibara I’d change several things to make sure Rizin is what Pride used to be!!

Sign Top Prospects

MMA growing all over the world, Ten year old kids training in MMA and making MMA their life. Rizin can discover future RIZIN Bantamweight, Light Heavyweight, Lightweight Champions from Latin America, Eastern Europe, Sub- Saharan Africa, South East Asia.

Sign prospects like Joanderson Brito, Stephen Loman, Albert Tumenov, Igeu Kabesa, Taylor Lapilus, Ahmed Faress in 2020. All those prospects are capable of winning Rizin Championships and defeating Bellator fighters.

Acquire prospects that can headline Rizin Events and be part of the future for Rizin. Showing the world that Rizin has some of the best fighters in the world too!!

Sign Free Agents

Free Agency is a new trend recently with Bellator and One Championship really taking advantage of signing UFC, PFL or Rizin Fighters. Rizin wants to compete with the other promotions time to sign free agents from UFC, Bellator, PFL, One Championship.

Build up the top of their roster who can compete in the RIZIN Tournaments. Be the stars of Rizin right away.

More Cross Promotions

Bellator cross promotion partnership is genius with Kyoji Horiguchi defeating Darrion Caldwell, Tofiq Musaev defeating Patricio Pitbull.

The Cross Promotions should continue for Rizin besides the one with Bellator. Rizin should partner with KSW, Having some sick title fights such as Salahdine Parnasse vs Tenshin Nasukawa, Norman Parke vs Tofiq Musaev, Simon Biyong vs Tomasz Narkun.

Rizin partnership with Extreme Fighting Championship. #1 Africa Promotion. Partnership with Brave Combat Federation. Stephen Loman fights Kai Asukura or Kyoji Horiguchi.

Cross Promotion events will create more dream fights for hardcore fans, Increase number of PPV Buys on FITE TV.


Rizin and FITE TV having a streaming deal where you can watch their fights but have to pay. Only hardcore MMA fans like myself will watch but to engage with NEW fans, Nobuyuki Sakikibara should partner with HBO, Showtime, NBC Sports, Fox Sports.

Sign a two year ten million dollar deal with HBO, Giving it a try seeing if it works or not.

Somebody will scroll on the TV guide and see a MMA promotion Rizin is on. Fighting in a boxing ring instead of the famous octagon.

TV Deal will attract free agents as well because who doesn’t like fighting on a big time network, Helps the fighters out with endorsements.

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