Gastelum vs Cannonier UFC Apex Fight

Kelvin Gastelum two fight losing streak desperately needs a bounce back win desperately to get back into conversation as one of the best Middleweights in the world. Fight against Jared Cannonier will be perfect fight for Kelvin.

“I don’t know. There’s a couple options. I just don’t know who the matchmakers would want me to match up with for the next fight, but I mean, I’m hoping for anybody: Robert Whittaker, Jared Cannonier, Jack Hermansson.”

Jared Cannonier rising Middleweight after defeating Jack Hermansson and Anderson Silva. Jared is a contender for the UFC Middleweight Title.

“The one thing I can tell now is that the shoulder (and) the pec (are) still weak, so we’re strengthening right now. Maybe a month and a half, another two months of that, (and) then I can be back to training full time. You know, full-on training.”

Cannonier torn shoulder and torn pec 65% injury fully healed in couple months, Train full time. During this wait period Kelvin Gastelum can spend time with his family, Heal up, Work on his diet lol and get ready for a fight against Jared Cannonier.

Kelvin Gastelum vs Jared Cannonier be the perfect fight to make once UFC Apex is up and ready in a couple months. Both fighters can train, Get ready and adjusted to training for a fight again.

Be a sleeper fight. Whoever wins this fight is a #2 contender for the UFC Middleweight Title. Kelvin or Jared can fight Robert Whittaker next.

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