Roberto Soldic vs Albert Tumenov KSW Welterweight Title Fight

What a fight it would be if Roberto Soldic and Albert Tumenov fight each other. Soldic defending his KSW Welterweight Title fighting ACA Welterweight Champion. Hardcore fan fight that we would all watch on DAZN.

Soldic vs Tumenov be one of the biggest Welterweight fights of the year.

Roberto Soldic #1 Welterweight Prospect in the world, Wins over Driscus Du Plessis, Vinicius Bohrer. Soldic can defeat UFC Welterweights right now and the toughest fight of his career will be against Albert Tumenov.

Tumenov since signing with ACA is 5-0 with ACA. Becoming the ACA Welterweight Champion and ACB Welterweight Champion. Tumenov is one of the top Welterweights not to fight in the UFC.

Albert Tumenov contract expired with ACA and is now a free agent. KSW is the #1 European MMA Promotion, Martin Lewandowski( KSW Promoter) needs to sign Tumenov to a multi fight deal. Building their roster and having Welterweight dream fights as well!!

Tumenov vs Soldic will written about in all the TOP MMA sites from MMAJunkie.Com to MMAFighting.Com.

Hope this harcore fan dream fight happens and becomes a five round title fight war!! Split decision win for…..

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