Geoff Neal Legend Killer in 2020

Dana White Contender Series definitely better than the Ultimate Fighter. Contender Series signed future UFC champions Geoff Neal being one of them. 5-0 with the UFC and is #12 Welterweight after cracking Mike Perry at UFC 245.

Prime of his career at 29 years old. 30 or 31 years old he can be the UFC welterweight champion but he has a three to four fight journey to challenge for the GOLD.

“I would like to fight Robbie Lawler, maybe Anthony Pettis, RDA (Rafael dos Anjos). Those are fights I’m looking at right now,” Neal said.

Geoff Neal in the 2020 season should be the season of the Legend Killer. Murdering the Welterweight Legends such as Rafael Dos Anjos. Anthony Pettis, Robbie Lawler, Demian Maia.

Coronavirus is a test for all of us including the world class athletes.

“I’m used to punching people in the face and getting punched in the face, so spending a little time at home away from training is driving me a little crazy,” Neal told “But this time alone is giving me the time to let a few things heal, it’s letting me spend more time with my two-year-old daughter and it’s giving me a chance to work on my real estate license.”

Geoff Neal relaxing and focusing on his family, Personal life but looking forward to fight again in 2020.

“I’m not going to ever beg for a fight. You can put that in stone. You can guarantee that if a fight comes to me, the right way, I’ll take it,” Neal said. “I could still potentially get two or three fights in by the end of the year. Hell yeah, I want to fight, and hell yeah, I want more money in my bank account. So, if Dana can make it happen, I will fight. I’m down.”

Two more fights for Geoff Neal in 2020 can be two fights against Legends Rafael Dos Anjos which is a breakout fight. Next fight can be against Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson.

2020 for Geoff Neal is a defining test year for him and see if he can become a UFC Welterweight Champion. First champion at Fortis MMA.

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