Next Jose Aldo Leonardo Limberger

Jose Aldo one of the greatest Brazilian MMA Fighters of all time up their with Anderson Silva! Brazil since the beginning has been part of MMA history creating some of the best fighters of all time and continues to do so. Leonardo Limberger is the next great fighter from Brazil.

Leonardo Limberger is 25 years old, Shooto Brasil Featherweight Champion by defeating Brazilian opponents. 13-1 record with 4 submission wins. 2 knockout wins.

Being the Shooto Brasil Featherweight Champion really means something because there’s so many Brazilian talented fighters.

Limberger last win was at the S-70 Platforma Cup by defeating Boris Fedorov by unanimous decision.

In 2020 love to see Leandro fight for the Legacy Fighting Alliance. Have Ed Soares fly him out and fight for the LFA Featherweight Title. 2020 possible to see Leaonardo fight for the UFC when they come to Brazil or Latin America.

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