Max Coga should sign with KSW

Max Coga Former Professional Fighters League Featherweight no longer fights for PFL. Currently fighting for the German Fighting Championship. Instead of GMC should sign with KSW( Biggest MMA Promotion in Europe). Coga can fight in the KSW Featherweight Division.

Dream fights for Max Coga vs Salahdine Parnasse for the KSW Featherweight Title. Coga former PFL Featherweight, Superior FC Featherweight Champion with a 22-6 record. Parnasse the #1 European Prospect at 22 Years old.

Max Coga vs Mateusz Gamrot for the KSW Featherweight #1 Contender be sick as hell.

Coga signing with KSW will be his best decision. Become a KSW Featherweight Champion, Headlining for KSW and earning a share of the Pay- Per View buys.

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