Natan Schulte #1 Lightweight Out of The UFC 2020

Natan Schulte PFL TWO time Lightweight Tournament Champion is a multi millionaire. #1 Lightweight out of the UFC by defeating Rashid Magomedov, Chris Wade and other PFL Lightweights. 2020 PFL season will begin and Natan Schulte goal is to be a three time PFL Lightweight Champion!!

PFL Lightweight signings Olivier Aubin- Mercier, Johnny Case, Clay Collard. Favorite to win the PFL Lightweight Tournament is obviously Natan Schulte.

Enters the 2020 PFL season 20-3 record and will end the 2020 season 25-3.

”I’ve proven throughout this season here at PFL that I deserve to fight among the best,” Schulte said. “To leave a promotion where I made a million dollars this year to fight for another promotion, it has to be fighting the best in another big promotion, UFC or Bellator. I really believe I can fight the top 5 of the UFC and Bellator, for sure.”

Earning a million dollars is what MMA Fighters dream of. Natan Schulte earning two million dollars, Addition to fight pay he’s living fighters dreams. Hard to leave PFL when your a multi- millionaire. I’m sure he thinks about leaving the PFL sometimes but the money needs to be right.

Justin Gaethje, Marlon Moraes, Blagoi Ivanov all came from the PFL and the next UFC signing is Natan Schulte.

Natan Schulte is the PFL Lightweight Champion and has the potential to defeat top 5 UFC Lightweights and become UFC Lightweight Champion. Similar career to Eddie Alvarez.

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