Tristar Gym Next Champions

Tristar Gym famous for being run by Firas Zahabi the mastermind of MMA coaching, Coached three champions in one of the greatest fighters of all time in George St Pierre, Rory MacDonald Bellator Welterweight Champion and notorious for the fight with Robbie Lawler. Lastly Miguel Torres WEC Bantamweight Champion.

After Rory MacDonald retires whose next to take the Tristar Gym throne and become champions?

Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee switched over to Tristar Gym with the help of Joe Rogan. 1-1- with Tristar Gym. Disappointed with the loss to Charles Oliveira, Missing weight and was winning the rounds in my opinion. People are doubting this kid but he has all the potential and talent in the world.

Mentioned in the post fight press conference about staying away from the fight game for a while and clear his mind. With the UFC Spring Events delayed perfect time to rest, Be honest with himself and see the mental mistakes he’s been making lately.

Kevin Lee in 2021 we can see him win the UFC Lightweight Title!!

Johnny Walker

Johnny Walker rising Light Heavyweight Star is another fighter who switched camps. Lost to Nikita Krylov in a shocking loss. Definitely work to be done in 2020 in camp when it comes to grappling. A loss is loss but Walker can bounce back against a top 15-20 Light Heavyweight.

Jon Jones most likely moving up to Heavyweight to fight Francis, Stipe. Wide opening for Johnny Walker to win the Light Heavyweight Title.

Arnold Allen

One of my favorite upcoming UFC fighters 16-1 record #12 UFC Featherweight is a future UFC Featherweight champion. Arnold Allen is 26 years old, 2020 more people will recognize Arnold Allen.

Every time Arnold is scheduled to fight I always watch his fights.

Nasrat Hapqarast

Afghanistan refugee to Germany living his dream as becoming a UFC Fighter and now being coached by Firas Zahabi will do wonders for his UFC career. 11-3 record 24 years old 3-2 UFC record is extremely talented similar fight style to Kelvin Gastelum. No rush for Nasrat to become a champion but in the next 3-4 years he can challenge for the UFC Lightweight Title.

Jamie Siraj

25 Year Old Featherweight 8-2 record fighting on the Canada regional scene at the moment but I’m sure UFC/ Bellator scouts have their eyes on him. Fighting for TKO( Canada Top Regional Promotion) TKO Featherweight Title and he’ll get signed by the UFC in a Canada UFC event.

Haris Talundzic

Nobody’s heard of this young man’s name but he’s 24 Years Old 1-0 with a 9 Fight Win Streak in the Amateur Canada Scene. Fights in the Welterweight Division. In the next two – three years Haris will get signed by the UFC or Bellator. One of the young hungry Tristar Gym prospects.

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