Bryce “Thug Nasty” Mitchell Future Fan Favorite and Title Challenger

Bryce Mitchell coming along as a fan favorite because of Arkansas accent and personality. Addition to being a fan favorite is a rising UFC Featherweight, Alumni of the Ultimate Fighter 27 has a UFC record of 3-0. By the end of 2020 he’s fully capable of being ranked Top 15 in the Featherweight Rankings.

Next fight for Thug Nasty is against Charles Rosa but I doubt that fight will happen because of the coronavirus. Sucks for Bryce Mitchell because he’s finally coming along, Building his brand by having a podcast with Theo Von(Famous Comedian) and having funny post fight interviews.

What’s not to love about “Thug Nasty” Bryce Mitchell whose even grown on ME a little bit because of his southern personality and MMA talents.

Thug Nasty is 25 Years Old, Featherweight Title potential “IF” he change camps to a TOP 5 MMA Gym be sick to be coached by Mike Brown, American Kickboxing Academy Javier Mendez.

I just think if Bryce Mitchell switched to a top MMA Gym he can have better looks, Similar fighters in his weight class and being coached by a Top 5 Coach will help as well!!

Start fighting the top ten UFC Featherweights their will be some problems but less problems when you train at a top MMA Gym and coached by a MMA Mastermind!!

Great Gym, Great coach and Thug Nasty will challenge for the UFC Featherweight Title or expire his UFC contract, Become a free agent sign with Bellator or One Championship. That be sick as well.

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