Nathaniel Wood Bounce Back after Loss to John Dodson

Nathaniel Wood Britain’s UFC Bantamweight Prospect was on the rise while fighting John Dodson. Favorite to win the fight was shocked with a loss to Dodson that even surprised. Third round knock out, Controversial stoppages to the groin that definitely frustrated Nathaniel Wood.

Nathaniel Wood, Brad Pickett’s protégé will bounce back, Stay level headed, Be mentally strong and train hard for his future fight.

Loss in your MMA record is less damaging compared to Boxing. Nathaniel Wood as of today has a record of 16-4(3-1 UFC Record) edging the top 15 UFC Bantamweight Rankings by fighting Raoni Barcelos or Marlon Vera for his next fight in the spring of 2020.

Wood didn’t get demolished by Dodson as he won the 1st round, Lost second and third round got knocked out. Watch the fight and you’ll see simple mistakes, Easy fixes, Different fight strategy.

Brad Pickett the Head Coach at Great Britain Team I bet watched the Wood vs Dodson fight thousand times, Scouting the errors and coaching mistakes. Learning from the failures. Nathaniel Wood in his next fight will return looking BETTER than ever.

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