Leon Edwards Britain’s Next UFC Star and UFC Welterweight Champion

Leon “Rocky” Edwards the dark horse of the UFC Welterweight division is Britain’s Next UFC Champion and NEXT UFC star as Michael Bisping passing the torch to Leon Edwards. Leon Edwards one step closer to challenging for the UFC Welterweight Title by fighting Tyron Woodley at the 02 arena in London but Covid- 19 thanks to the virus is suspending the fight for now…

“Yes,” White answered when asked specifically about Edwards vs. Woodley during an Instagram live session with Yahoo! Sports’ Kevin Iole. “All these fights are being rescheduled.

Leon Edwards vs Woodley is the fight that “Makes” Leon into Britain’s Next MMA Star passing by Darren Till as the one to lead the next wave of Britain MMA talent. Suspended fight that Uncle Bobby Dana says will be rescheduled is the toughest fight of Leon Edwards career but… Rocky Edwards is fully confident in his ability to defeat Woodley.

“He didn’t want to fight me anyway,” Edwards said. “From the get-go, he’s made every excuse in the book why he doesn’t want to fight me. He knows what’s gonna happen. As soon as he had an opportunity to run, he ran straight away.”


Leon Edwards besides the trash talking well aware of Tyron Woodley’s all around talents and positive he truly respects Woodley but is only building up the fight. Edwards if he can defeat Woodley if the fight is rescheduled as planned than Leon is a #1 Contender for the UFC Welterweight Title.

Defeat Woodley and Leon “Rocky” Edwards is the British Star!!

Rest of 2020 Leon Edwards British Star

Rocky Edwards defeats Woodley in impressive fashion by winning all arounds, Knocking out Woodley he’ll be a #1 Contender as he has a few options.

One option is fighting Colby Covington in a five round cardio high volume fight in September or wait for Masvidal vs Usman.

Defeating Colby Covington would make Leon Edwards well known to the North American market

Masvidal vs Edwards would be hysterical because of the background one second brawl between Jorge and Leon. The press conference between them two would be epic and the fight between the Miami Cuban and the Jamaican British Immigrant would be fascinating to watch!!

Edwards star value would rise from the press conferences and the main event fight.

Usman vs Edwards two all around fighters prime of their careers who have fought each other before. Leon lost to Usman in 2015 than a 8 fight win streak arrived.

All three fights are fascinating, Help Leon Edwards build his name by fighting Colby Covington and show UFC fans he can compete with Colby’s cardio. Revenge Jorge Masvidal in the background “Brawl” or defeat the UFC Welterweight Champion Kamaru Usman.

End of 2020 Leon “Rocky” Edwards can become one of the most popular active UFC Fighters with the UFC Welterweight wrapped around his waist by Uncle Dana (Dana White)

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