ONE Championship Best Division is the Lightweight Division

One Championship, UFC of Asia rapidly growing as a MMA promotion signing top talent from Asia, Russia and around the world. Top talent such as Christian Lee, One Championship Lightweight champ at 21 years old. My opinion the Lightweight Division is the best division for One Championship and here’s why…

Christian Lee

Christian Lee FUTURE star for One Championship top ten Lightweight in the world, Defeated Shinya Aoki and Saygid Arslanaliev recently. 21 year old MMA fighters are training in the gym for their amateur debut but Christian Lee is the Lightweight Champion.

In the future Christian Lee will be ranked top 5 Lightweight in the world.

Eddie Alvarez

Eddie Alvarez took advantage of free agency, Signed with One Championship. Alvarez 36 years old has a couple years left in the tank before deciding to retire. Eddie Alvarez remains as a top ten Lightweight, Former UFC and Bellator Lightweight Champion. Focusing on winning the One Championship Lightweight Title to his collection.

Timofey Nastyukhin

Shocked the world by knocking out Eddie Alvarez in the 1st round. 30 years old with a 13-4 record potential One Championship Lightweight Champion!!

Shinya Aoki

Former One Championship Lightweight Champion, Dream Lightweight Champion. 36 years old, Aoki has time to compete and challenge for the One Championship Lightweight once again in the 2020 decade.

Iuri Lapicus

Rising Lightweight Prospect with a 14-0 record “challenging” Christian Lee for the One Championship Lightweight Title. Iuri is 24 years old, Defeated One Championship veteran Marat Gafurov. Trains at Team Leone Petrosyan( Giorgio Petrosyan gym).

Lee vs Lapicus is a exciting fight to watch and I hope it continues this summer or fall. Watch two of the Lightweight Prospects for One Championship..

Saygid Arslanaliev

Turkish 8-2 record defeated Timofey Nastyukhin, Ev Ting and Amir Khan. 25 Years Old upcoming fight is against Eddie Alvarez. Toughest fight of his life.

Top Division for One Championship

Lightweight division has several Lightweight veterans such as Eddie Alvarez, Shinya Aoki, Eduard Folayang and has future stars Christian Lee, Iuri Lapicus.

Can’t wait for the future fights in the One Championship Lightweight division.

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