Bibiano Fernandes Most Underrated Bantamweight

Bibiano Fernandes pioneer, Legendary Bantamweight from Brazil is one of the best Bantamweights in the world at 40 years old winning the Dream Featherweight Title, Dream Bantamweight Title and now the One Championship Bantamweight Title. Sadly unappreciated for his success as a Bantamweight.

One Championship Bantamweight success for Bibiano Fernandes is extremely underrated. 12-1 record( 8 total Bantamweight Title defenses) Four fights with Kevin Belingon. Understand the caliber of talent between One Championship and UFC is no comparison but Bibiano defeated the top fighters One Championship has to offer.

One Championship is the second or third best promotion in the world and Bibiano Fernandes is top 5 Bantamweight on the planet. Potential fights between Henry Cejudo, Kyoji Horiguchi, Darrion Caldwell, Jose Aldo will never happen because of his age.

Zero chance of Bibiano Fernandes becoming a free agent, Sign a three fight deal with Bellator, UFC will never happen but what MMA fans can appreciate is the tremendous CAREER of Bibiano Fernandes from Dream and One Championship.

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