Africa & UFC Future

Israel Adesanya, Kamaru Usman, Francis Ngannou, Sodiq Yusuff are four of the Africa UFC Fighters in 2020 but there’s plenty more MMA Fighters to come from Africa. Soccer players changing from cleats to fighting gloves.

UFC & Africa

Israel Adesanya, Kamaru Usman, Francis Ngannou UFC is bound to host UFC events in Africa, Either Morocco, South Africa. Definitely will see UFC host an event in Africa in the next couple years.

Dana White talks about UFC Gyms in China, Puerto Rico, Mexico and without a doubt will expand into Africa because of the high level athletes in Africa. Watching two UFC champions already.

Expand into several UFC gyms in Africa such as Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana investing in the future of UFC and MMA fighters. Growing UFC champions.

Israel Adesanya in the future looking to return to his homeland of Nigeria and begin to build MMA Gyms.

Francis Ngannou future UFC Heavyweight Champion

The UFC gyms in Africa will create future UFC champions!! Definitely a part of Dana White’s vision to fully take advantage of Africa’s market. Former UFC fighters as coaches training future UFC Champions.

Only can imagine the spectacle if Israel Adesanya fought Jon Jones at Morocco, South Africa be one of those special events that we look back in a decade and see how incredible it is.

No way UFC doesn’t target Africa the timing hasn’t been MORE perfect!!

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