Vergil Ortiz Jr 2020 Boxing Season

Vergil Ortiz Jr 2019 Ring Magazine Boxing Prospect of the Year is the future for BOXING and the Welterweight division. Vergil Ortiz Jr is 21 years old with 15-0 record. Golden Boy Promotions signed Vergil Ortiz Jr, Promoting a future star and World Welterweight Champion.

Fan Friendly aggressive fast hand style. Impressive raw boxing talents at 21 years old.

Ortiz said he modeled his game off fighters such as Oscar De La Hoya (who also is his promoter), Floyd Mayweather and Miguel Cotto. And Ortiz was particularly stoked to meet Cotto during fight week ahead of the Herrera bout.

“My dad said he based me off of Cotto,” Ortiz said. “He had a nice jab. He was really clean with his punches, his combinations. He was an awesome fighter.”

Understand Promoters handle their boxers safely giving them tune up fights, Lower level boxers but Vergil Ortiz is something special. Time to match Ortiz with tougher oppoents. Top 20- 30 Welterweights instead of terrible boxers he beats around.

Sadam Ali vs Vergil Ortiz

Sadam Ali known for fighting Miguel Cotto and defeating him. 27-3 record. Former WBA International Welterweight Champion, Welterweight Title Contender

Vergil Ortiz Jr vs Robert Guerrero

Robert Guerrero former WBC Welterweight Champion, Fought Floyd Mayweather continues to fight. Be great for Ortiz Jr to fight a former Welterweight Champion who has a name and a world class boxer. Might be 36 years old but can still fight.

Two fights Golden Boy Promotions can set up, Build Vergil Ortiz Jr name as Boxing’s Future. Future Star of Boxing and is confident to fight former Welterweight Champions at 21 years old!!

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