Future Star of Muay Thai Spencer Brown 22 years old

Spencer Brown is a muay thai prodigy at 22 years old. Trains with the Greatest Muay Thai Fighter of all time Saenchai at the Yokkao Fight Team Gym. Muay Thai one of those combat sports that lacks exposure and fan interest. Spencer Brown is the fighter who can bring Muay Thai to the next level.

Spencer Brown articulate, Has the looks, The humor, The story of being a Muay Thai Prodigy at a young and being an absolute ASSASSIN of a Muay Thai Fighter can make Muay Thai explode with time.

  • 2019 WBC Muay Thai European Lightweight Champion
  • 2017 ISKA European Champion
  • 22-6 record

See the kid is ahead of his time, Potential to become one of the best Muay Thai Fighters of all time. Winning several Muay Thai Titles such as the Yokkao Lightweight Title, WBC Muay Thai Titles and make millions of dollars.

Spencer Brown fights for the top European Muay Thai promotion Yokkao. Sells out small arenas in England. Spencer Brown and Yokkao with the right promoting and fighting Muay Thai Lightweight and Welterweight Champions he’ll become a star in time.

Spencer Brown vs Giorgio Petrosyan

Spencer Brown vs Buakaw Banchamek

Spencer Brown vs One Championship Lightweight Champion

Schedule fights with Spencer Brown in 2021, 2022 and in the future against the top Muay Thai Lightweights and Muay Thai Welterweights. Yokkao maybe at this time has a streaming deal with DAZN, UFC Fight Pass or ESPN. Yokkao will get millions of views stacking the card top to bottom, Best moments in Muay Thai history.

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