NATHANIEL WOOD Begins His Rise Against John Dodson ESPN +25

Nathaniel Wood 16-3 Bantamweight UFC prospect at 26 years old is on the rise and his upcoming fight against John Dodson is a fight I can’t WAIT to watch. Wood is a potential UFC Bantamweight Champion training out of Great Britain Top Team.

Nathaniel Wood coach is former Bantamweight legend Brad Pickett, Pickett and Wood are the right relationship. Pickett coaching a potential UFC Bantamweight Champion.

Wood upcoming fight is against a solid Bantamweight John Dodson moving up from Flyweight. Dodson fought for the Flyweight Title against Demetrious Johnson. Toughest fight so far… In Nathaniel Wood’s career.

“I was watching Dodson on The Ultimate Fighter when I was just a fanboy,” he said. “He’s been in there with the best, he’s fought for the belt twice, so to go against him, not only is it quite surreal for me, but it would one hundred percent put me in the top rankings. The names of the people he’s fought, no one could finish him, so if I can go in there and either A) knock him out or B) submit him, where does that put me in line compared to everyone else? It’s a lot of pressure, but it’s very exciting as well. It’s a big fight for me, but there will be a lot of reward come the win.”

2019 Nathaniel Wood fought once because of injuries but now in 2020 will see the RISE of Nathaniel Wood!! Ranked 5-10 by the end of year becoming one of the exciting Bantamweights will see.

Must get pass John Dodson who spoil the show and prove to people he’s still here to stay but however Nathaniel Wood is a world class hungry fighter desiring for that title shot in 2021. Becoming one of the best Bantamweights of all time.

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