Mexico’s Next UFC fighter Alejandro Flores

Alejandro Flores fights for Combate Americas, Latin American Feeder League top ten MMA promotion. Flores is the #1 Featherweight Prospect in several regions in North America. World Class Featherweight at 28 years old time for the big show… The UFC.

Alejandro Flores 17-2 28 years old lost to another top Featherweight in Andres Quintana. Flores is one of the main attractions for Combate Americas.

Flores headlined his last fight at Combate 47 as a fan favorite for the Latin American fans. Flores being a fan favorite for Mexico can transfer over to UFC as well.

Flores signing with the UFC will be a main attraction when UFC has events in Mexico, Argentina, California and new Latin American markets. Being well known to Combate Americas fans.

Fights a fan friendly style similar to Diego Sanchez that fans love to see, In addition to becoming a world class Featherweight that Latin American fans can be proud of watching especially MMA fans of Mexico.

Yair Rodriguez is a fan favorite, Top 5 UFC Featherweight and future UFC Featherweight Champion. Yair and Alejandro are training partners at VFS Academy.

Since Alejandro Flores accomplished everything on the regional scene time for Flores to fight for the UFC!! Fight on Season 3 of the Dana White Contender Series and fight a top Featherweight Prospect.

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