Daniel Cormier Protege Deron Winn UFC 2020

Daniel Cormier Top 10 MMA Fighters of All Time trains at MMA Gym Powerhouse American Kickboxing Academy, Cormier’s protege is Deron Win, 30 year old Middleweight JUCO college wrestling champion and three time all-american wrestler at Lindenwood University.

Deron Winn impressive win was against Tom Lawlor former UFC fighter at the Golden Boy MMA event. After the win UFC signed Winn later on and fought Eric Spicely a UFC Tough Veteran. Last fight was against Darren Stewart who had a 5-3 record with the UFC.

Winn 1-1 has a UFC record. However Winn is one of the best Middleweight prospects and Middleweight Wrestlers. Daniel Cormier believes in Deron Winn’s potential becoming UFC Middleweight Champion and helps train one of his best friends.

“I don’t think people understand how close we really are,” he said. “We coach high school together and not only do we coach high school together, we coach the kids program and that takes an equal amount of attention if not more, because our kids are very competitive. They travel the country and they’re one of the best kids clubs in the country. D.C. is like my brother, I talk to him about every single thing, every matter of my life, he taught me a lot of things and it’s not like he’s like “D.C.” to me, he’s just like my boy. Sometimes he calls me so much, I tell him to stop calling me. We annoy each other, we fight like brothers, everybody who is around us they say it and love it, one day I hope we can be on TV together.


Tough loss to Darren Stewart but Deron Winn will look better than ever against his next opponent. 2020 be an interesting season for Deron Winn end the year in the TOP 15 of the MIDDLEWEIGHT SEASON.

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