Sabina Mazo UFC Flyweight Future Champion 2020 Fighter to watch #22

Sabina Mazo 22 year old Colombian Flyweight, 1-1 with the UFC is fighting J.J Aldrich at UFC 246. First fight of the UFC 246 card. Opportunity to impress the UFC fans. Mazo has a lot of promise being a World class Muay Thai fighter and being only 22 years old. 2020 be a fascinating year for Mazo.

Sabina Mazo career

Sabina before fighting with the UFC was the LFA Flyweight Champion. 4-0 record with the Legacy Fighting Alliance. Sabina immigrated from Colombia to California to train with MMA Powerhouse Gym, Kings MMA. Coached by Rafael Cordeiro one of the best coaches in the world.

“When I first came here, Kings MMA just opened the door for me,” Mazo says. “It didn’t feel like ‘I don’t know this place’ or anything. I just felt like I fit perfectly here right from the beginning. It’s comfortable, like a family, because everyone is working to help you, and you’re helping others. It’s not like you go to the gym and you have a fight coming up, so it’s just you and that’s it. It’s a team, and you really feel that over here—not only for pro fighters, but also for everyone else. All of the people make it a little more familiar and comfortable.”

Sabina Mazo 2020

Mazo beginning 2020 fighting J.J Aldrich, Win in spectacular fashion start 2020 the right way. 2020 possibility of a 4 fight winning streak end of the year can get a Flyweight title shot.

Fighting Ashlee- Evans- Smith, Interesting fight against Antonina Shevchenko, Gillian Robertson. A lot of options for Mazo. With Mazo’s potential can defeat all the Flyweight opponents and because of Rafael Cordeiro can win a UFC Flyweight Title in 2020, Flyweight Title Shot.

End of the year definitely will be at the top of the UFC Flyweight Division.

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