PFL & One Championship Cross promotion 2020

Professional Fighters League top 5 MMA promotion, Feeder league more than competition but has world class fighter should do a cross promotion with the #3 MMA promotion One Championship in 2020. Be entertaining to watch and will expand both promotions.

PFL and One Championship 2020

PFL vs ONE FC be a entertaining fight to watch for sure. Great partnership that helps both sides with PFL exposure to Asia’s millions of mma fans and ONE FC wants exposure in the United States.

Picture the match ups that can happen with Rory MacDonald being signed by PFL, MMA fans always interested to see who the best fighters in the world are.

Aung La N Sang(One Championship Star) fights Emiliano Sordi in Tokyo!! Lance Palmer fights Eddie Alvarez!! Andre Harrison vs Eddie Alvarez or Christian Lee.

Match ups are endless for both sides, Only a dream but would love to see this happen.

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