Tristar Gym #1 Prospect 2020 Haris Talundzic

Firas Zihabi, Head Coach at Tristar Gym. Tristar Gym known for George St Pierre, Rory MacDonald and now Kevin Lee. Next UFC/Bellator champion is a 24 year old Welterweight, Haris Talundzic. Talundzic has a 1-0 professional record, 8-1 Amateur record.

Haris Talundzic

Haris made his pro debut December 6th for Dynasty Combat Sports(MMA promotion in Nebraska). Haris was DCS Amateur Welterweight Champion.

Haris Talundzic 2020

Talundzic in 2020 will be a rising prospect in North America, United States. Climbing up the Welterweight prospect rankings by fighting on UFC Fight Pass promotions such as TKO, Legacy Fighting Alliance, Cage Fury Fighting Fighting Championship. Fighting 3 to 4 times in 2020 winning a regional welterweight title and making a lot of noise as a prospect, Firas Zihabi talks about him on his podcast and on the Joe Rogan podcast.

Doubt Haris will get signed by the UFC in 2020 but definitely a couple time welterweight champion for regional promotions.

Haris Talundzic 2021

Haris maybe fights for TKO or LFA and wins the Welterweight Title, Defends the title twice and gets signed by the UFC or Bellator. LFA is the promotion where if you win a championship your definitely getting signed by the UFC!! No doubt he’ll be a UFC fighter in the near future when you have Firas Zihabi in your future.

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