Aaron Pico, MMA prodigy back in 2017 was supposed to be the next Jon “Bones” Jones. However has a 4-3 record with a two fighting losing streak. Reading MMA prodigy and 4-3 record you’d think he’s a bust and he’s close to it!! 2020 for Aaron Pico is a make or break year for Pico!!

Pico and his New Team in 2020

Aaron Pico used to train with TJ Dillashaw, Juan Archuleta and coached by Duane Ludwig. Pico now trains at Jackson Wink, One of the best MMA gyms in the world. Greg Jackson coaches Jackson, One of the best coaches in the world.

Pico can’t win, Win Bellator Titles at Jackson Wink than he’s a BUST. Pico in his first fight being coached Greg Jackson lost to Adam Borics, Knocked out but to be honest with you Pico was winning the fight. Pico just needs to use his wrestling and dominate their opponent.

Aaron Pico has all the talent in the world to win Bellator Featherweight Titles, Earn millions of dollars. The potential this kid has is unmatched.

Pico Bellator 238

Aaron Pico’s next fight is against Daniel Carey a 29 year old fighter with a 7-3 record. Five fights with Bellator. Test fight for Pico to see where Pico in his career and hope a win over Carey starts a winning streak that gives Pico a Featherweight title shot!!

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