Nasrat Haqparast 2020 ufc fighter to watch #3

Nasrat Haqparast, 24 year old UFC prospect coached by the genius Firas Zahabi. Nasrat fights in the stacked Lightweight division, Potential UFC Lightweight champion with the talent Nasrat has.

Nasrat Last Win

To be honest with you, Had no clue who Nasrat Hapqarast was until his second round KNOCKOUT against Joaquim Silva. Impressive win over a UFC veteran who dominated the entire fight. Seeing he was 23 years old at the time, Coached by Firas Zahabi and GSP, He has a lot of potential.

Nasrat and Zihabi

Nasrat being coached by Firas Zihabi doesn’t get better than that. Nasrat part of the future for Tristar Gym, Being the next champion to come out of Tristar Gym. Zihabi guiding Nasrat through his UFC career.

“Firas is a guy that doesn’t compliment a lot of guys too much; he doesn’t want to make people cocky. He tells me a lot that, ‘You’re going to be a world champion, just stick to the plan that we’re doing now,’ because he knows how I live my life. He sees the work and dedication through my lifestyle and with his knowledge from building fighters like Georges St-Pierre, I think we can repeat it.”

George St Pierre one of the greatest fighters of all time, GSP coached by Zihabi, Creating atmosphere for Tristar Gym. Leading by example for the upcoming fighters including Nasrat.

“Georges was so happy,” Haqparast said. “Georges is a really nervous guy. Before the fight I was so happy and smiling. Georges is like, ‘Nasrat you’re a psychopath, how are you smiling?’ I said, ‘Georges I love it so much, you guys are my idols, my brothers, the only thing I can do is smile.’

Nasrat Haqparast says Georges St-Pierre was ‘really impressed’ with his UFC Newark performance

UFC 246:McGregor vs Cerrone

Nasrat next fight is against Drew Dober on the UFC 246 Prelims. Oppurtunity to show his talents to millions of fans because of Conor McGregor. Having another impressive win over a MMA veteran, Impressing Dana White and gaining confidence for 2020.

Future for Nasrat Hapqarast

Win over Drew Dober in a impressive way will start 2020 the right way. Starting his 2020 journey for a UFC Lightweight title shot. Predict in his second or third fight of 2020 he’ll be matched with a Top 15 opponent, Time for Nasrat to be matched with tougher opponents. All depends on how he beats Dober.

2020 for Nasrat I’m really excited for!! Tristar Gym and Firas Zihabi has a UFC Lightweight Champion on their hands with the talent he has.

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