George St Pierre top 5 or the greatest MMA fighter of all time born and raised in Canada. TJ Laramie 22 year old fighter from Windsor, Ontario will become a future UFC champion in the future.

Laramie is a former TKO Featherweight Champion, Fighting for the same promotion George St Pierre fought for in 2003.

TJ Laramie has a truly impressive win over Charles Jourdain who recently knocked out Doo-Ho-Choi, Next impressive win for Laramie will be on the Dana White Contender Series. Same night signing a UFC contract, Life changing forever.

TJ Laramie has nothing left more to do in the Canada MMA circuit fighting and winning in the premier Canada MMA promotion, TKO. Beating the best Canada Prospects. Time for Laramie to get the call and sign with the UFC.

TJ Laramie

  • 11-3 record
  • 22 years old
  • TKO Featherweight Champion
  • PFC Featherweight Champion

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