Sayif Saud and Fortis MMA

Sayif Saud Head Coach for Fortis MMA, World class gym. Owned by NBA player Deron Williams. Fortis MMA one of the fastest growing MMA gyms with a talented stable of fighters who will become future champions.

“If you’re going to be on our team you’re going to be 100 percent committed to our team,” Saud told MMA Junkie. “You’re going to train with our team, after you fight your fight you’ve got one week and you’re back in the gym, because that’s how the team has got built up so fast is because we have a system. The system is in place for everybody. It doesn’t matter if they have eight fights in the UFC or if they’re a pro debut.”

Structured gym, A real vision from Sayif Saud created one of the best new gyms in the world!! Attracting young, Aspiring fighters to train at Fortis MMA and learn from Sayif Saud.

“People want to see violence, they want to see finishes, they want to see explosiveness and that’s it. So that’s just how we train, that’s how we prepare and that’s our mindset. Go forward kill, kill, kill and win. That’s it.”

Sayif Saud has a stable of upcoming fighters who have real potential to become UFC champions!! Geoff Neal, Miles Johns, Alonzo Menifield, Kennedy Nzechukwu.

2020, UFC and MMA fans will see Saud rising as one of the best MMA coaches!!

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